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1. Husband's Name:_______________________________________________________

2. Wife's Name:__________________________________________________________

3. How did you hear about us? ______________________________________________.

I/We, the undersigned customer(s), understand and accept that Able Legal Forms Company IS NOT A LAW FIRM, and its employees ARE NOT ATTORNEYS/PARALEGALS, may not give legal advice, cannot tell me what my legal rights or remedies are, cannot tell me how to testify in court, and do not represent me/us in this matter. I/We seek their assistance as a reasonable alternative to a Florida lawyer so I/we may gain access to our court system. I/we cannot afford to pay and/or we do not want to pay the outrageous fees charged by Florida lawyers which obstructs my/our access to the people's court system. I/We also understand and accept that Able Legal Forms Company is operating under the authority of Civil Rights specifically granted to all of us by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, specifically the right of the people to access the courts, to peaceably assemble and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances, the right to freedom of speech, the 5th and 14th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution, and Article I Sections 2 and 4 of the Florida Constitution, as well as U.S. Supreme Court case law. I/We have made the decision to exercise our constitutional rights, to act as my/our own attorney(s), to represent myself/ourselves, and to make all legal decisions and choices concerning this matter. If, at any time, I/we require more legal knowledge or expertise than I/we now possess, I/we agree to research the subject at a local law library, purchase a self-help law book on the subject or seek the advice of a competent attorney authorized to practice law in Florida before proceeding.

I/We will assume full responsibility for the consequences of my/our decisions and actions regarding this matter. I/We will hold harmless Able Legal Forms Company, its owner(s)/officer(s), and its employees from any and all damages and/or losses which may arise now or in the future concerning this transaction; and liability, if any, will be limited to the amount paid for documents or $150.00, whichever is greater. I/We will not construe or rely upon any communication, whether oral or written, from Able Legal Forms Company, its employees or agents, as legal advice nor have Able Legal Forms Company, its employees or agents, represented to me/us that they are as qualified as a Florida lawyer nor will I/we construe same to be a substitute for the advice of a licensed attorney.

Able Legal Forms Company will refund to the customer amounts received for documents, less a $20.00 service charge, if the documents have not been generated and if a written refund request, accompanied by the Customer's receipt, is received by Able legal Forms Company within 45 days from the date the Customer Agreement was signed, and upon the return of the questionnaires and other materials provided to the customer(s) by Able Legal Forms Company. Otherwise, NO REFUNDS will be made or are due the customer(s).

With the above terms and conditions acknowledged, I/we hereby employ Able Legal Forms Company on this date and agree to pay the amount of $279.00 (no minor children), which does not include court costs/filing fees or other related costs, to computer generate completed Florida uncontested dissolution of marriage forms and to enter upon the documents my/our personal information which I/we have provided or will provide. Court costs, if uncontested, are estimated to be $408.00 in Florida. Okaloosa County (the county with no hearing for uncontested cases) is my/our venue of choice, unless another county is listed here _________________. I/we will personally proofread the completed documents to ensure their accuracy, correctness and appropriateness before filing or allowing them to be filed. I/We will personally handle the delivery of all court documents and fees to the court and to other entities as is required to finalize my/our case, if the FREE Courthouse Courier Service is not selected below.

(_______)Wife (_______)Husband (initial the blank to the left to choose this service which is only available when cases are filed in Okaloosa County, Florida) I/We request that Able Legal Forms Company provide FREE Courthouse Courier Service and I/we authorize delivery of, at no extra charge, the completed document(s) and fees to the Clerk of Court and, if applicable, mail documents via regular U.S. mail to my spouse for signature (first mailing only). I/We will provide a separate money order payable to the Clerk of Court to cover the court fees.

By signing this Customer Agreement, the party/parties acknowledge(s) that the terms and conditions of the said Agreement are accepted and further acknowledge(s) that the Petitioner is a Florida resident and has been for at least six months.

(Only one signature is required below in the event a spouse is out of the area or unavailable to sign this form.)

DATED: ______________________

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Customer's Signature (Husband)

Customer's Signature (Wife)


INSTRUCTIONS: Print these forms, fill them out, then mail them to Able Legal Forms Company with your payment enclosed ($279.00). If you cannot print the form, write your responses to the numbered questions on a plain sheet of paper instead. Clearly print or type. Please complete this form carefully and completely. The information you provide will be inserted into your forms for an uncontested dissolution of marriage without children and if the Wife is not pregnant. Do not leave any questions blank. Mark "NA" if the question does not apply to you. Be accurate and truthful. NOTE: The Petitioner must be a resident of the State of Florida for six (6) months prior to the filing for Dissolution of Marriage. If in the military service and stationed in Florida, Petitioner must have resided in Florida for six (6) months prior to filing. If in the military services and your home state is Florida and you are stationed elsewhere, Petitioner may also use this process for uncontested dissolution of marriage without making a court appearance. RETURN THESE FORMS TO Able Legal Forms Company, P.O. Box 2144, Foley, AL 36536.

1. Petitioner's full legal name:____________________________________________________
and E-Mail Address.:_____________________________________________________

2. Respondent's full legal name:__________________________________________________
and E-Mail Address: _____________________________________________________

3. Petitioner's present residence/mailing address (including street, city, state, zip code, and county):

4. Respondent's present residence/mailing address including street, city, state and zip code):

Note: If you are military on assignment outside the State of Florida, use your residence address
where you are stationed--and if overseas, use your APO address.

5. Petitioner's home telephone no.:___________________ work no.:____________________

6. Respondent's home no.: ______________________ work no.:______________________

7. Date of Marriage:____________________________ Place of marriage (city and state,
country, etc.):__________________________________________________________

If living apart, date of separation:______________________________________________

8. Where did you last live together as husband and wife (city and state, country, etc.)?

9. Were any children born of (or adopted by) the parties of this marriage OR were children born during the marriage with the Husband not being the father? YES or NO (circle one) If yes, are the children emancipated (at least 18 years of age or no longer dependents)? YES or NO If no, then your case would be considered a dissolution with children.

10. Is the Wife pregnant? YES or NO (Circle One) If yes, your case would be considered a dissolution with children.

11. The petitioner will need a residency witness (someone that knows that you have been a Florida resident for 6 months prior to filing this action). The witness must sign an affidavit that we will provide. What is the full name, complete address and phone number of your residency witness?



NOTE: If you are not sure who you will get to sign the form you may request a blank form here. ____________________________________

12. (a) Is the Respondent over the age of 18? YES or NO (Circle One)

(b) Is the Respondent an active/current member of the United States Uniformed Military Services? YES or NO (Circle One)

13. Is the Petitioner an active/current member of the United States Uniformed Military Services? YES or NO (Circle One)

14. Is the Wife requesting her maiden or a former married name be restored? YES or NO (Circle One) If so, please state the full name (no initials) by which the Wife wishes to be known:_________________

15. Is the marriage irretrievably broken and cannot be reconciled? YES/NO (Circle One) If no, seek the advice of a marriage counselor before proceeding.

16. If either party's I.D. (Florida I.D. Card, driver's license; military I.D.) has a different name than what is set out in either questions 1 or 2, please indicate the name as shown on the I.D. ___________________________________________________ and provide an enlarged readable copy of the I.D.

17. Have you and your spouse already signed a written Marital Settlement Agreement? YES or NO (Circle One)
A. If YES, provide the date it was entered into and provide the original
so that it can be filed with your petition and made a part of
your Final Judgment (divorce decree).
Date Agreement was signed:___________________
B. If NO, please fill out Questions 18 through 22.

NOTE: The information you provide below will be inserted into a generic marital settlement agreement form which contains a lot of "boiler plate" legal language.. A marital settlement agreement is one of the most important documents you will ever sign. In it, you and your spouse will set out how the assets and liabilities will be divided and also resolve other issues to your mutual satisfaction. If you do not understand the finished document and how it will impact your life, then you should have it reviewed and explained to you by a lawyer competent in family law. It is solely the responsibility of the parties to independently determine that this document is accurate, complete and appropriate before it is executed and filed with the court. Clearly describe the issues of your agreement in such a manner whereas a third party of reasonable intelligence can understand your intentions. It is not necessary to write in "legalese".

18. How are the MARITAL ASSETS to be divided. (The property you and your spouse acquired during the marriage.)

A. Check here _________, if all marital assets have already been equitably divided between the parties to their mutual satisfaction and each party is in possession and control of the particular marital assets they are to receive and TITLES for the property (such as jointly titled automobiles, real estate, businesses, timeshares, boats, planes, motorcycles, motorhomes, etc.) have already been changed into the party's name alone. No change is needed to a title if the word "or" is between the names on the title instead of "and". If that is the case, check "B" below and list the property and who is to receive it in "C" below.


B. Check here __________, if the marital assets have already been equitably divided between the parties to their mutual satisfaction and each party is in possession and control of their property. Specifically list any exceptions below (such as jointly titled automobiles, real estate, businesses, timeshares, etc.) or attach a separate list of exceptions, if any.


C. State who gets specific property; i.e., marital residence, automobiles, real property, etc.--In the case of a motor vehicle or mobile home state Cert. of Title #, VIN #, make, year, etc. (this information is on your tag receipt). In the case of the marital home or other real property--state if one party is to have use and possession with both parties to remain joint owners or if one party is to have sole ownership and whether the other party is to sign a quit-claim deed, etc. Use a separate sheet if needed. Provide a copy of the "legal description" of the real estate so it can be inserted in your Marital Settlement Agreement. Be specific and descriptive:
Asset Description Who is to own it





19. How are the MARITAL LIABILITIES to be divided. (Debts that you and your spouse have acquired during the marriage.)

A. Check here ________, if all marital liabilities have already been equitably divided between the parties to their mutual satisfaction and each party is to pay debts that are in their name alone.


B. Check here _________, if some of the marital liabilities have already been equitably divided between the parties to their mutual satisfaction and each party is to pay debts that are in their name alone but there are other liabilities still to be divided. Specifically list the liabilities still to be divided in "C" (i.e., such as who pays a joint debt or a debt in the other spouse's name).


C. List the marital liabilities that have not been divided between the parties state who is to pay the debt; i.e., marital residence, automobiles, real property, credit cards, etc.) Be specific and descriptive:
Creditor Name/Description Who is to pay debt






20. Is alimony to be waived? YES or NO (Circle One)
If YES, please skip to question No. 21.
If NO, please answer the following:
a. Who is to receive the alimony: HUSBAND or WIFE (Circle one)
b. What is the amount (per month/week/etc.) $______________ per ____________
c. How is it to be paid (i.e., weekly [giving day due such as Mondays], monthly [giving due date such as 1st or 15th
or one-half on 1st & one-half on 15th):
d. When do payments begin:____________________________________________
e. When does alimony end (i.e., for a set length of time; when the Wife/Husband remarries,
dies, cohabits with another man/woman, etc.). Please give details:______________
f. Is it to be paid directly to the wife/husband or paid through the Clerk of the Circuit
Court, Alimony and Child Support Division __________________________
g. What type of alimony is to be paid ___________________________________
i.e., (a) permanent periodic; (b) bridge-the-gap; (c) rehabilitative; (d) durational; (e) lump sum
Review Florida Statute for explanation of different types of alimony F.S. 61.08
h. Include any other details regarding alimony not otherwise included above.________________

If paid through the court, a handling charge of 4% (up to $5.25) will be charged per payment.
IF ALIMONY IS TO BE PAID THROUGH THE COURT please answer the following. If not skip to question No. 21:
(a) Provide the following information regarding the person paying support:
(1) Date of Birth:______________________;
(2) Social Security No. ___________________________;
(3) Place and Address of Employment ____________________________
(4) Other Sources of Income:______________________________________
(b) Provide the following information regarding the person receiving support:
(1) Date of Birth:____________________________;
(2) Social Security No.________________________

21. Are the parties waiving their right to the other party's retirement, if any? YES / NO / NA (Circle one) If NO, please give details including amount (or percentage), when payments begin, date payments due (such as 1st; 15th), whether paid directly to spouse or by allotment, number of years married, number of years in the military while married etc.,







22. State any other agreement between the parties that should be included in the Marital Settlement Agreement. Agreements which are not included in the Marital Settlement Agreement may not be enforceable, so get it in writing. Use a separate sheet of paper if needed (write "none" if there are no other issues remaining to be resolved):



I/We, the undersigned, have provided the foregoing information which is complete and to be inserted into my/our forms for an uncontested Dissolution of Marriage. Only one signature is required below in the event a spouse is out of the area and unavailable to sign this form.

Please provide the name and e-mail address to contact in the event clarification is required: _______________________________________________________________


Customer's Signature

Customer's Signature

Credit Card Information (If Paying by Credit Card):
(Print clearly or type)

Type of Credit Card (Circle One): VISA - MasterCard

Account No. _____________________________________ Expiration Date: _________

CVV Code ________________ (the last 3 numbers on the signatuare line on back of card)

Exact Name as Appears on Credit Card:______________________________________

Exact Credit Card Account Billing Address:____________________________________


The card issuer is authorized to pay the amount of $279.00 for the products and/or services
described above in the Florida Divorce Information Form Without Minor Children. I affirm
my obligations under the card member agreement.   Your credit card statement will show a
charge by Hoverhawk Corporation.

X____________________________________ Date:_______________________

Mail to: Able Legal Forms Company, P O Box 2144, Foley, AL 36536