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We have been in business continuously since October 1, 1991, and we serve all counties in Florida. Many military personnel stationed at Eglin AFB, Hurlburt Field, Duke Field, NAS Pensacola, Ramstein AFB and personnel working at their law centers know of our commitment to serve our customers, as a high number of our customers for Florida divorce are military personnel who are Florida residents stationed overseas and military personnel stationed in the State of Florida as well.

We are your non-lawyer source for a Low Cost Pro Se Florida divorce by mail. We produce all the documents, completed Florida divorce forms, you will need for an uncontested Florida divorce (dissolution of marriage), with no minor children (wife not pregnant). We will file your papers and manage your pro se, uncontested Florida divorce case in the Florida county where no personal appearance is required by either party, pursuant to the county's existing, long standing, local administrative court order.

We monitor the progress of your Florida divorce case and timely file various forms and documents as they are required to be filed, throughout the duration of your case in court according the FL Rules of Civil Procedure. No other company does this for you! Do not be misled by copycats of our service who simply provide you a mailing address to send all your papers. Because multiple filings are required at specific times during your on-going Florida divorce case, mailing all your papers at one time does not work. We are the original provider of uncontested Florida divorce by mail.

Military personnel stationed worldwide, overseas who qualify for our low cost Florida divorce process save thousands of dollars, including a lot of time and grief. Request our FREE Courthouse Courier Service and your court papers will be promptly and courteously delivered to the Clerk for filing as required in your Florida divorce, uncontested, no fault case.

The cost is $259 for preparation and USPS Priority mailing of all the forms the parties must approve and sign. The Clerk of Court fee is currently is $408 to file the case in Florida Court. That's it! The court fee, payable to the "Clerk of Court", is due only when your case is ready to file with the court and when you are ready to have it filed.

Our phone number is  1-251-942-2152. Contact us by e-mail.
[ FloridaDivorce(at)Hotmail.com ]

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